Opening of Hendrik Kerstens' exhibition in Erarta, St. Petersburg

The photo review of the opening is here.

Exhibition "Hendrik Kerstens. Paula" in Moscow, Russia

Exhibition "Hendrik Kerstens. Paula" is held at the Ekaterina Cultural Foundation, Moscow, starting from 22nd of May till 28th of July 2013 in the framework of the Russian-Dutch bilateral Year and with the support of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in the Russian Federation. The curator of the exhibition is Olga Averyanova, historian of photography, Ph.D in the history of arts.


The opening of the Exhibition took place on May, 21 in the Cultural Foundation Ekaterina hosting Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, General sponsor  - ORANTA Insurance Company, event sponsor - Vodka Mamont, partner - Holland Allaince and all Media partners involved and, of course, Hendrik Kerstens himself.

Exhibition Kunstcentrum Zaanstad

© Dmitry Zverev
© Dmitry Zverev

The exhibition "Russia Today" is organized in the framework of the Bilateral Year Netherlands-Russia due to cooperation of Kunstcentrum Zaanstad and Perspectiva Art and is supported by the Russian Embassy in the Netherlands. Works made by three Russian photographers can be seen at the exhibition starting from June, 22 till July, 28. The concept of the exhibition is to show Russia from different sides: city-, land- and waterscapes, crowded with people and absolutely empty, busy and calm, noisy and silent.

Absolutely distinctive manner of each artist gives the idea of Russia's diversity and while combining these manners the viewer can get a better understanding how different the country can be, free of stereotypes.

Works by Dmitry Zverev are very energetic, showing monumentalism and beauty of Moscow, capital of Russia. Moscow citizens and tourists are crowding around to see all the city's attractions. Red Square, Kremlin, Christ the Savior Cathedral, Saint Basil's Cathedral are always recognized as capital's main symbols.

Anton Vershovsky shows Saint Petersburg (the city founded by Peter the Great as "the second Amsterdam") as an uneasy, windy and rainy city and at the same time extremely calm when covered with snow, which gives it a very Russian look. 

Minimalistic landscapes made by Andrey Belkov are stunningly serene. All the places being shot could be found around Moscow and Saint Petersburg. 

The three artists show how diverse Russia is with its rich nature, great history and considerable cultural heritage and all this represents Russia Today. 

© Belkov Andrey
© Belkov Andrey
© Anton Vershovsky
© Anton Vershovsky

Exhibition of Alexander Gronsky's works in Kahmann Gallery, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Photo review from the opening of YOUNG exhibition at GUP Gallery

© Sofia Giostrelli

Video and photo review of the opening of Hendrik Kerstens' exhibition in NCCA Ekaterinburg    

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Opening of exhibition in Nizhny Novgorod

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Grand opening of Gronsky exhibition at Kahmann Gallery (Amsterdam)

© Nicoline Rodenburg
© Nicoline Rodenburg

© Nicoline Rodenburg

Participation of Perspectiva Art photographers in GRID 2012

Suzanna Darni, Andrey Belkov and Anton Vershovski will represent Russia on this event. Suzanna will show her project "SUBMERSION" in Amsterdam. Andrey Belkov with his series "FOOTPRINTS" will be displayed in Apeldoorn as well as Anton Vershovsky with his "NIGHT BUS PETERSBURG".


GRID 2012 Participation List